Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Time: 7:30a.m.

Fee: $35.00

Location: Naples Beach
Contact: Letty Newton

Phone: (850) 224-2265 ext. 141

email: lnewton@floridabankers.com


How to Register:

1. Everyone must fill out and return the "Registration & Waiver Form"




2. Submit Payment by mailing in a check, request to be invoiced, or pay online by credit card. Please designate your payment preference on the "Registration & Waiver Form".



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You may be wondering – what is a sea star?


Here are five points of interest about sea stars:

  1. You might know them by the name starfish but they aren’t fish. Sea stars are echinoderms with five point radial symmetry, protected from predators by their tough skin.

  2. Sea stars cannot survive in fresh water. They live exclusively in marine habitats. Southwest Florida has numerous sea stars that live in the Gulf of Mexico.

  3. Not all sea stars have five arms. In 2015 nine-armed sea stars were appearing along Naples beaches in droves. The Sunflower Star, which lives in the Pacific Northwest, can have up to 24 arms!

  4. While sea stars are not known for being the fastest creatures in the sea, they can move more quickly than you might expect. If you turn a live sea star over, you will see hundreds of tube feet wiggling. These tiny tube feet are part of a water vascular system that helps sea stars move.

  5. Most of the observed sea stars seem to move at a slow to moderate pace but another Pacific Northwest species, the Sand Star, can travel at a speed of 9 feet, 2 inches per minute. That’s 0.168 km/h or 0.1 mph. For a sea star that’s pretty fast!


Whether you move fast or slow, plan on joining us for the Sea Star Sprint on Wednesday, June 14 at 7:30 A.M. and enjoy a beautiful Southwest Florida morning while raising money for the Florida Bankers Educational Foundation.

All race proceeds benefit the Foundation, which provides forgivable loans to students committed to a career in the Florida banking industry.  The FBEF has existed for over 50 years and has enabled thousands of Florida students to complete their college or graduate degrees and make a commitment to a banking career in our state. ​