Keynote Speakers

Tuesday, June 12 - General Session (Morning)



Actions Speak Louder Than Words—Understanding Nonverbal Communication

As the nation’s leading behavioral authority and body language expert, Jan Hargrave provides you with the skills you need to “read” your family, your associates, your customers, in fact, everyone around you.

Jan describes all the “hidden messages" you use in your everyday life and shows you how to stop the lies and uncover the truth---in any conversation or situation. Jan proves with her contagious warmth, wit, and humor that there is a method, and style, to success and the nonverbal communication—Body Language—often communicates a different message from the spoken word.

Wednesday, June 13 - General Session (Afternoon)


Jason Gardner is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, combat leader, and now a leadership instructor and speaker with Echelon Front. Jason spent nearly three decades in the SEAL Teams with eight deployments across the globe. With experience operating in violent cities in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Jason has seen first-hand the power of the leadership lessons taught at Echelon Front. He brings perspective from every level of leadership from a front-line SEAL sniper to the SEAL Team FIVE Command Master Chief. As a lead instructor for Naval Special Warfare Group One Training Detachment, he created and implemented realistic and challenging special operations combat training to better prepare SEAL units for the real-world battlefield. Throughout his career, he worked alongside Jocko, Leif, and several members of the Echelon Front team developing the same principles and mindsets taught to companies across every industry. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart and numerous other awards.


Business Session Speaker

Tuesday, June 12


President, Bankers Management, Inc.

Qualities of a High Performing Bank​

Banks and bankers have survived the worst of the financial meltdown, now we must turn our attention to the relationship between satisfied customers and happy shareholders. We have observed that the best managed banks in the country are also the top performing banks. The banks with superior value added for shareholders share five qualities that separate them from the pack. They begin with an unwavering customer focus and end with an independent active Board of Directors. The greatest single challenge facing community banks may be the acquisition and development of Human Resources. The goal of this presentation is to provide ideas that will move you to the top of the market.


Luncheon Speakers

Tuesday, June 12


Director of the University of Central Florida's Institute for Economic Competitiveness

Economic Outlook Ten Years After the Start of The Great Recession​

This session will examine the state of the economy in Florida and for the nation as a whole ten years after entering the worst recession since the Great Depression.  The session will trace the path that the economy has followed from those dark days, look at where we now, and where we are heading over the next three years.  It will include an assessment of the Trump administration’s economic policies and their current and anticipated impact on the economic outlook for the U.S. and Florida and what the impact may be on the path for future monetary policy.

Wednesday, June 13


Director of Strategic Insight, Jack Henry & Associates

From FinTechs to BigTechs: What Shifts in Threats Mean for the Future of Banking

When assessing disruptive potential in financial services, should banks be more concerned about FinTechs or BigTechs? Knowing the difference between partners and competitors is the first step in developing proper strategy and tactics—and remaining viable. How are banks distinguishing true competitors from true partners (real threats from hyped threats)? Are community banks too small to partner one-to-one with fintechs of choice? If so, are there other ways to do so? And what does the BigTech threat mean for banks as payments get faster and fraud risk rises in the wake of record-setting breaches like Equifax? Join Lee for a bottom-line review of new opportunities and risks facing our industry now and soon.


Wednesday, June 13


The Growing Importance of Financial Technology in the Banking Industry

Jeffrey E. Adams, Managing Director, Banks Street Partners


Most banking industry participants are trying to wrap their arms around Fintech.  Questions abound about what Fintech encompasses, the competitive impact for banks with the emergence of fintech, and how might banks leverage fintech to enhance their effectiveness and long-term viability. 

Increasing Fee Income without Raising Fees

David Weissman, Vice President, Haberfeld


Many financial institutions are raising their fees – should you? More and more, fee revenue has become an important component of financial institution profitability. Average financial institutions misunderstand fee revenue while remarkable financial institutions know how to maximize it by charging the right amount, adopting the right collections policies, and knowing which customers generate the most revenue. Walk away with strategies to enhance your fee revenue and keep your most profitable customers longer.

Delivering Superior Performance – CEOs Share Timeless Success Strategies​

Adam Thomas, Partner, DHG Financial Services

Bill Walton, Partner, DHG Financial Services

Tom Broughton, President & CEO, ServisFirst Bancshares, Inc.


DHG embarked on a research study of top-performing community banks, which were chosen based on their sustained, superior performance. Spanning asset sizes, business strategies and geographies, these successful community bank CEOs shared strategies, trends and predictions for the near-future with the broader community banking industry. Join us to hear key insights from this exceptional peer group, as well as observations that your bank can act on now.

Adam Thomas

Bill Walton

Tom Broughton

Achieving a Strategic Balance for Community Banks

Marty Mosby, Vining Sparks

Achieving a strategic balance is critical for all community banks, especially as the operating environment is shifting underneath us. There are many factors impacting the banking environment, including consumer and business confidence, tax reform, and economic strength.  For the most part these developments are general productive; however, these natural shifts in balance sheet demands from banking customers can place pressure on a community banks liquidity and capital while the seeds for the next downturn are now beginning to be set in place. In order to navigate this upcoming operating environment and not let this next wave of growth create too much risk, we believe that community banks should strive to achieve a healthy strategic balance that can allow a bank to grow while not putting the bank in harms way.  This session will cover how a strategic balance should incorporate: pricing strategy to enable a reasonable profitability level; product and service model that captures at least a fair share of a market’s growth; Enterprise-wide risk discipline that minimizes risk in relation to a bank’s earnings opportunity; sufficient liquidity to sustain growth while maintaining excess funds under a severe financial crisis; adequate capital post a most severe stress test; outlook for the credit cycle and how CECL could impact a bank in 2020 and strategic interest rate sensitivity position that minimizes exposure to shifting interest rates.



Monday, June 11th

Rap with the Regulators Panel
Representatives from the FDIC, OCC, FED and OFR provide a unique opportunity to have an open dialogue with regulators on a range of banking topics, with a majority of the session open for Q&A.



FDIC - Christopher T. Hall

Field Supervisor

Tampa/Gainesville Field Territory


OCC – Brett B. Bouchard

Assistant Deputy Comptroller

Miami Field Office


FED – Carolyn Healy

AVP, Supervision and Regulation

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Miami Branch    


OFR – David L. Batlle

Area Financial Manager

Office of Financial Regulation, State of Florida


Tuesday, June 12th


National Trade Group Panel

This session will highlight the work of the national trade groups, American Bankers Association (ABA) and Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) to advocate on behalf of the Florida banking industry.  Representatives will cover trade group goals in the coming year as well as recent accomplishments.  The session will be moderated by FBA CEO Alex Sanchez and there will be time for Q&A from the audience.

  • Laurie Stewart, ABA Vice Chairman

President and Chief Executive Officer, Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc.

Seattle, WA

  • Noah W. Wilcox, ICBA Vice Chair

President, CEO and Chairman, Grand Rapids State Bank

Grand Rapids, MN

  • Alex Sanchez (Moderator)

President & CEO, Florida Bankers Association

Tallahassee, FL

Laurie Stewart

Noah Wilcox

Alex Sanchez